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While elder law is fairly new in the field of law, it has many benefits for those seniors who may be trying to take the necessary measures to ensure they are well taken care of and done so according to their terms in the event they become incapacitated. Elder care law requires a holistic approach and this particular field doesn’t necessarily involve someone requiring representation or in need of evidence to help plead a case. Rather, elder law involves an attorney you choose to hire to learn about your family dynamic and gain insight into who you are so you can make the best decisions possible when it comes to your long-term care.

Some common questions that may cross your mind and are also those that will be discussed with an Arkansas elder law attorney Arkansas include:

  • What would happen if I got really sick?
  • Who would take care of my finances and family?
  • What are my long-term care preferences? Do I want to live in a nursing home?
  • Is there someone who can be appointed power of attorney for healthcare that can make decisions in the event I am unable to?
  • Can I afford the additional expense for long-term care insurance?
  • Will Medicare cover my treatments and care?


After you reach a certain age, you learn that you are unable to partake in the things you once could and you are limited to how much you can do. Sometimes, a power of attorney is required to step in if you have one assigned to assist with making major financial decisions that could help you afford the care you truly require.


What Does an Arkansas Elder Law Lawyer Do?

The fact is an elder law firm in Arkansas can assist with any of the following:

  • Guide you as you develop a plan that will protect your assets and how you want them to be used in the event you become incapacitated.
  • Discuss when the spousal impoverishment law will become effective in the event you are placed in a nursing home.
  • See if you qualify for Medicaid and Medicare and assist with the claims process.
  • If you qualify, your elder law attorney can assist with getting your veteran’s claims filed and appealed if necessary.
  • Explain the options you have when it comes to long-term health insurance and assist with the claims process.
  • Help you plan for disability and how you will afford your care.
  • Guardianship matters
  • Assist with your estate plan and getting it completed.
  • Aid with the probate process.
  • Aid in getting long-term care placements in order.

Speaking with an elder law lawyer can help you feel better about the decisions you make regarding your long-term care. Call us today and learn how we can get you connected to a professional who provides their legal services in your area


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