Kendall, FLElderly individuals in Florida start to have special concerns as they age, and they may need assistance with issues such as healthcare and financial planning. Elder law is the broad term for many of these dilemmas that people have to deal with as they retire and reach the final years of their lives. Some experienced firms focus much or all of their practice on helping individuals with these problems after retirement and providing solutions. 

Property concerns such as creating a will and estate planning are a good way to start. There will also need to be an effort to secure healthcare resources such as Medicaid and insurance that covers prescriptions and long term care. 

Nursing homes and possible issues

There are a number of nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the suburban parts of Miami. Once someone commits to spend their life in a nursing home, they are supposed to be protected and receive a high quality of care and attention. However, this does not always happen. Nursing homes are routinely sued for low quality care and intentional harm. Patients are neglected at times, they can become ill and contract diseases. Employees in the homes sometimes physically attack their patients and are caught. They individual may be charged with crimes and there may be lawsuits related to such conduct.   

Power of attorney and healthcare planning

An individual who is in very poor health or incapacitated can actually give the power to make important decisions on their behalf to a family member, spouse, or other trusted person. This is mostly used if it seems that the elderly person will no longer be able to manage their property and finances. There are also plans called advance healthcare directives that advise family members and medical personnel what to do if someone is incapacitated and cannot finish their estate plan or decide how they should spend their final days. This is essentially a form of pre-emptive planning for several elder law issues if health problems become severe.  

Caregivers, mistakes, and intentional harm

There are many people who have careers caring for the elderly and they are trusted to provide these services without issue. Many of them are also licensed by the state as a nurse or nurse’s aide. Despite their training, there are issues with these workers giving out improper medications, not giving proper assistance with movement which can result in injuries, and negligence in terms of medical duties and not asking for the assistance of a doctor when necessary.  

Getting assistance from an elder law attorney

Experienced lawyers in the Kendall area assist families with preparing for elder law issues. Miller Trial Law is a trusted firm that is available to explain these issues further to anyone that needs help. 

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