Living in a nursing home is supposed to be comforting and peaceful. Many elders opt to live in nursing homes because of the high quality of care they are often promised. However, elder abuse may be occurring without the resident and their family members even realizing what is going on.

Up to 1 in every 6 elders are subject to abuse and neglect when they are admitted into nursing homes. This number is alarmingly high and every elder should be educated on the signs of abuse so they know they are being taken advantage of and so they know when to reach out to an elder-law lawyer in Daytona, Bch, Florida.

Letting the abuse continue without taking proper action can be a big mistake as constant abuse can even lead to an elder losing their life.

What are the signs of nursing home abuse?

There are a few things that relatives of elders should have their eyes peeled for when they have an elder living in a nursing home, including:

  • Mood swings by the resident
  • The resident having unexplainable injuries
  • The resident being dehydrated or underweight
  • The resident suffering from frequent infections and illnesses
  • The resident suffering from bed sores
  • The resident being depressed or having poor mental health
  • The resident not being clean

Also, one of the clearest signs that a caregiver at the nursing home is abusing the elder is that the caregiver does not let the elder remain alone with their family members at any given time. As extreme as that may sound, there have been multiple cases in which caregivers have tried to restrain the resident from meeting their family members in order to keep their abuse concealed for a longer period of time.

Many family members and elders make the mistake of simply letting the abuse continue in the hopes that the caregiver will eventually stop their crude behavior. However, this form of thinking is not fair for the victim or even fair for the other residents in the facility.

If a caregiver is abusing one person there are high chances they are abusing other residents as well. In order to put the employee to justice, individuals need to make sure they reach out to an attorney in order to escalate matters legally and stop the abuse once and for all.

If a person sees that their family member has any of the above signs they should make sure to take the right steps and seek legal counsel. This is especially urgent if they notice that the resident seems malnourished or that they have physical injuries son their body.

A lawyer who specializes in dealing with elder abuse can help a person figure out what they can do in order to make the abuse stop and they can also receive proper compensation for the pain their relative was forced to undergo at the hands of the nursing home.