Many states that have large populations in nursing homes also have an equally large problem with situations involving abuse or neglect that happen within these facilities regularly.

The details of some instances of neglect or improper care in nursing homes are shocking, and they often result in severe health complications or death to the victims. The only way to hold these facilities accountable is to speak with a local lawyer who specializes in cases of nursing home abuse.

Group of nursing homes files for bankruptcy after numerous lawsuits

A number of incidents in nursing homes in the Greenville area have resulted patients being injured or dying. Orianna Healthcare Systems owned a number of facilities that were responsible for these problems, and they were served with several lawsuits after the incidents occurred.

A crucial episode involved a 68 year old Air Force veteran who died after improper treatment at one of the homes owned by this company. After a neck fracture he was fitted with a vest that was supposed to support the rods placed in his neck. His sister eventually noticed he was coughing and had a fever, and discovered a foul smelling fluid under the vest, because it apparently was never cleaned. The man was taken to a hospital after he started to suffer from other symptoms, and he died days later from septic shock due to the infections caused by the vest. The lawsuit related to this incident, as well as many others, was paused when the parent company that owned the facilities filed for bankruptcy.

Other incidents from this group of facilities include the death of a 74 year old man who fell a number of times and 79 year old woman who died after she had refused to eat or take medications for a period of time. An investigation found that the company who owns all of these facilities had paid out more than $4 million in settlements between 2011 and 2017 related to the deaths of at least 20 residents in their homes. This is a systemic problem that will hopefully go away if the parent business ceases operations.

However, attorneys for many of the victims and their families expressed concerns that the bankruptcy proceedings may affect the amounts paid out to more recent victims if the company becomes insolvent.

Why settle the lawsuits?

Many lawsuits against nursing homes will result in settlements to the victim and their family because this can be more cost effective than entering into a lengthy phase of litigation. This is especially true in cases of clear neglect and abuse by numerous employees, where the facility’s attorneys will have little opportunity to make any kind of defense. If theses cases went to trial and a jury heard about the poor conditions and low quality of care many received, they would probably return an even larger amount.

How can a lawyer help?

When someone is injured or dies in a nursing home due to some level of improper care, the home should definitely be held responsible for their negligence. The damages can be related to things like additional medical expenses, hospitalization, or funeral costs that result from injuries can be collected after a lawsuit to ease the financial burden on an elderly person and their family.

Talk to a nursing home abuse lawyer in South Carolina today

If one of your family members has received improper treatment in a nursing home, it is possible to retain legal help and file a lawsuit. The Hayes Law Firm has been representing people in Greenville and surrounding parts the upstate region of South Carolina for over two decades. Several members of their staff have extensive experience dealing with abuse and neglect in nursing homes.