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A power of attorney is a person who is designated with the role to make medical and/or financial decisions when you no longer can do so on your own. Power of attorneys are given the right to manage:

You designate how little or how much power you want this individual, or agent, to be provided with and can stipulate any wishes you may have in the “Special Instructions” section of your power of attorney form.

Your assigned power of attorney will also be permitted to make decisions concerning your property, and those that act with respect to your property, including money. If you are looking to legally assign someone with this role, one of our featured elder law lawyers in Idaho can help you do so effectively.

Putting someone in charge of your assets who is able to make informed and appropriate decisions when you no longer can will help preserve what you have saved so that you may still have the opportunity to leave behind anything you wish when you are no longer hear. Something else to consider when choosing a power of attorney is that you want someone who you can trust who will help you live out the remaining years of your life in the manner you wish.

Our family law attorneys in Idaho are skilled in various fields of elder law and can help you with your matter as well.


How Can Assist You?

Idaho elder care law firms are available to assist you personally if you are an elderly individual or if you are a loved one of a senior citizen. If you are seeking the assistance of a lawyer to help you as your family member is incapable of caring for themselves and is in dire need of someone to intervene and take control over their finances, we can help you find the perfect attorney to help you with this.

There comes a certain point in the lives of senior citizens where they may no longer have the capability of making the wisest decisions. And while many relatives of that senior citizen may feel they know what’s best, it is crucial that someone is able to make serious decisions in the event it is required.

At USAttorneys, we understand how important it is to have a licensed professional working on your side as you only want to see your mom or dad, or other family member receive the necessary care they require for them to live out the remaining years of their life in the manner they desire.

Therefore, if you are ready to get your long-term care plan put into place or you want to obtain the role of power of attorney, give us a call today. Our agents are readily available to take your call and assist you.