A nursing home is supposed to be a place of peace and tranquility for elders who need special care for their growing needs. Unfortunately, in many cases, nursing homes have not only broken their pact to protect their residents, but they also go the extra mile to exploit money out of their residents as well.

What counts as exploitation in a nursing home?

Exploitation is basically when residents of the home are manipulated into giving more money than they should to anyone in the nursing home. This could be to the nurses working there, to the management, or to other residents who are living with them.

In most cases, elders are manipulated because they lack the ability to discern whether they are being exploited or not. A few signs that a person is being exploited into giving money to the home are:

  • Extra money is demanded after the initial fee agreement
  • Money is demanded in exchange for services which were already paid for
  • Money is asked for in exchange for small or big favors
  • There are no contracts or paperwork created for the extra money being given

If an elder feels like they have been exploited then this definitely comes under elder abuse and they should get in touch with an elder-law lawyer in Santa Rosa, CA to ensure that they are compensated for the money they lost and so that the exploitation does not continue onwards.

In order to determine whether the exploitation really took place, an attorney can conduct interviews and gather witnesses and evidence to present during the court trial.

What else comes under elder abuse apart from exploitation?

Apart from exploitation, an elder can be abused in many different ways. One of the main reasons elders choose to litigate is because they are faced with neglect in one way or the other.

Neglect is basically when the nursing home employees fail to take proper care of the elder even though they have the means to do so. An example of neglect would be if a nursing home resident was not given proper food and a clean place to live because the employees were careless and did not make time to fulfill all of their duties. In extreme cases, failure of a nursing home to fulfill their duties can even lead to the death of the resident.

If a nursing home employee is held liable for the abuse and wrongful death on their own then they generally will not have the required money to pay for all of the damages that the elder and their family suffered.

This is why lawyers often litigate under the legal theory of negligent hiring in which the entire nursing home is held liable for not hiring an adequate number of employees or hiring employees that were qualified to do the job right. In order to get compensated appropriately for how much a person has suffered, they should get in touch with a legal professional who understands all of the laws and regulations regarding elder abuse as soon as possible.