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Senior citizens who elect to live in a nursing home after they can no longer care for themselves have rights that must be upheld according to the current laws set forth in the state of Kansas. When living in a nursing home, while you have the option of allowing the facility to manage your funds, you still have the right to manage your money as you please. If you elect to have the nursing home mange your money, you must provide a written statement allowing them to do this. When the facility takes on this responsibility, it must protect your funds from any loss and are required to provide you with quarterly statements. highlights some of the requirements that nursing homes are legally bound to abide by and you can read more about it by visiting their site.

Finances and long-term care are areas in which our elder law attorneys in Kansas can assist you with. You want to know that your finances are placed in the right hands and that you aren’t being taken advantage of. Unfortunately, this sometimes does happen which is why you may be seeking legal assistance from an elder law lawyer today.


In What Ways Can an Elder Law Attorney Benefit Me? 

As men and women get older, their minds begin forming certain questions which may have them feeling uneasy and unsure. Some who have officially reached the age where they identify as a senior citizen may be wondering what is going to happen to them in the event they get really sick. Others stress about their long-term care and if their preferences are going to be met. And you may be worrying now about who you want to appoint as power of attorney to make financial and health care decisions.

While all of these worries are valid, the only way to truly get the right answers is to sit down with an experienced and well-qualified Kansas elder law lawyer and discuss it. While elder law is fairly new in the field of law, it has been specifically created to cater to senior citizens and the issues that often arise as they get older.


Elder Care Lawyers Can Help with any Matter You May Be Dealing with

As you can see, elder care attorneys have the potential to help you with any matter you may be facing as you get older. And to ensure you choose the right professional, we invite you to take a moment and read through the profiles of these attorneys recommended on our site. All of the lawyers we feature have adequate training and experience, and are more than committed to helping you obtain the result you desire.


It is never too early to get your long-term care plan in order. Therefore, give us a call today and see how we can help get you connected with the legal aid you need.