Stuart, FLElder law is a broad term for a number of issues that affect people as they reach advanced years and retire. This can include a combination of insurance, financial planning, healthcare, and estate issues such as wills and trusts. Anyone who feels that these issues may apply to their situation should consider consulting with a local attorney to get a basic overview of how they should handle their estate and related financial issues.

Medicaid services

Medicaid is a program subsidized by the government that starts to become significant for many people as they age and need consistent healthcare services. As a general matter, this is supposed to be a program that offers healthcare to people of limited means, where these services would normally be more expensive through a standard insurance provider. Many retired and elderly people are most likely to use the Medicaid program. 

When someone tries to get Medicaid assistance, they will need to prove their citizenship, age, disability, and income level during the application process. For many people in this situation, their social security or retirement savings may be their only assets. 

Estate planning

This is a large area of the law related to property and finance. Many people think that an elderly person merely needs to make a will, but estate planning can be much more elaborate depending on the person’s assets, family size, and intentions regarding how they would like to distribute their property before and after death when applicable.  

One of the best ways to distribute money and property is through a trust. This is a legal instrument that can begin to send out money or assets at any given time, or based on certain conditions being met. Courts will try to discern the intent of the individual who set up the trust, even after their death, to try to see how their assets should be distributed. 

Probate courts may not be necessary for everyone who has an estate plan. The only job of probate courts is to execute wills and make sure each item listed in the will is valid and can be distributed immediately, as well as making sure the will itself meets the state’s requirements. Occasionally, there are also disputes regarding which family members should benefit from the will, which are decided before a judge in probate court. 

Learning how an attorney can assist with these issues

Anyone who thinks that they would like to learn more about elder law issues should get in touch with a local lawyer who focuses their practice on these areas. The Estate, Trust, and Elder Law Firm assists clients in the Stuart area with all of their needs related to Medicare and estate planning. 

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