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Long-term care insurance reimburses you for a portion of the cost that is required to live in a nursing home, assisted-living facility, adult day care, or in-home help according to time.com. In order to qualify for these benefits, a person must be unable to engage in two of six specified day-to-day activities. These include:


Although long-term care insurance may be expensive, it is necessary for certain individuals to possess as they may not be able to afford the expensive costs that come along with living in these various types of facilities. The national average cost for a shared room in a nursing home is approximately $77,380 a year, which might be unaffordable for many individuals.

If you need help obtaining this type of insurance or wish to file a dispute as your spouse’s benefits aren’t compensating for their care or stay at a nursing home, give us a call at USAttorneys and we will pair you up with a nearby elder law attorney in New Mexico who can intervene.


Do You Have a Long-Term Care Plan?

Are you worried about your retirement arrangement? Do you need some clarification as to what Medicare is going cover and what it will rule out when it comes to your healthcare? Both of these concerns are legitimate and can be answered by a New Mexico elder law attorney. Elder law lawyers are known for their unique skills used to assist senior citizens with long-term care questions. And as you know, as time prevails, the more you want to be sure you have everything in place in the event the unforeseen arises.

So how can you effectively plan for when you become incapacitated or no longer are able to care for yourself? What are you planning to do? Do you have enough income saved away to pay for an assisted-living facility? Have you created a living will that names a power of attorney to manage your health care and finances? If these describe any of the concerns you may have now, then it is time you sit down with a licensed professional and receive all the answers you are looking for. The fact is, an experienced elder care lawyer can answer these questions and many more.

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