Retain An Elder Law Attorney In New York Today

Guardianship, assigning the role of power of attorney, and estate planning are all reasons why individuals reach out to elder law attorneys in New York. The attorneys who specialize in this particular field offer valuable advice, information, and can help those who are senior citizens create a long-term care plan that will ensure their care and future is not jeopardized.

Some of the other areas where an elder care lawyer can be beneficial to you and your family include:

  • Help you create a plan that is going to protect the assets you have and designate how you want them to be used in the event you become incapacitated.
  • Discuss with you the spousal impoverishment law and how it may affect your particular situation in the event you are required to be placed in a nursing home or other assisted-living facility.
  • Help you better understand Medicare and how you can get claims filed and appealed if necessary.
  • Explain veteran’s benefits and how to properly file claims to receive benefits.
  • Review with you the different options you have when it comes to long-term health insurance and help you decide if it something you need and can afford. Some long-term health insurance policies can cost up to $200,000 so no everyone is able to purchase this type of coverage.
  • Create a reliable plan for disability.
  • Discuss power of attorney and who you may want to assign with this role.
  • Assist family members of the elderly individual contest guardianship if they think their family member isn’t being treated properly.
  • Help create and finalize an estate plan.
  • Review probate and administration of trusts and estates and how it applies to your assets.
  • Aid in getting long-term care placements in order.


Because an elder care lawyer can assist with various matters that pertain to senior citizens, it is important that you sit down with a professional as soon as possible. Whether you have a long-term care plan already in place or have yet to create one, speaking with a licensed lawyer can help you be certain that your preferences are tended to when you get older and are incapable of making certain decisions.


How Do I Go About Hiring an Attorney in My City Who is Local to Me?

Although it may seem a bit intimidating to find and retain an attorney in the state of New York, remember, you aren’t alone and are making responsible decisions that will ultimately affect how you are cared for later on down the road. is dedicated and committed to finding the most suitable New York elder care attorney in your area to assist you. We provide you with the option of requesting our assistance right here through our site by submitting a contact information form, or you can simply call us directly. We understand how much an impact a lawyer plays in creating a long-term care plan which is why we only pair you up with the best in the field.


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