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Medicaid is available to certain senior citizens who are unable to afford long-term care using their own assets or income. Medicaid has specific rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to qualify for this type of government assistance. Sometimes, Medicaid won’t provide you with benefits until you have spent your own personal money on medical care. Other times benefits will only cover a portion of your nursing home bill, usually the amount left after you have made a payment. If you wish to gain more information on whether you meet the eligibility requires to obtain Medicaid coverage, you can contact your local Medicaid office.

Medicaid can be rather valuable to many senior citizens so if you are looking to increase your chances of getting the assistance you require, allow one of our elder law attorneys in Ohio to assist you. Long-term care and financial planning are two very important things you want to discuss with an elder law attorney as these things may become an issue at some point and you want to know how to handle them when they do.


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Perhaps you are in search of a compassionate and considerate elder law attorney in the state of Ohio to assist with your family related matter? Is your elderly loved one in denial that they may need a guardian to intervene and begin making certain decisions for them? Well, if you are dealing with a similar situation or you are a senior citizen yourself looking to create a long-term care plan, then you have managed to arrive at the right place.

The elder law lawyers featured on our site are conveniently located in the state of Ohio and would be more than prepared to assist with your matter. Regardless of how complex it may be, bringing in an attorney to assist is most likely your best bet in obtaining clarification and understanding what your options are on how to proceed with making health care decisions for your elderly loved one.


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Our number one goal here at is to help get you teamed up with the legal aid that can solve the issue you may be facing or clarify any uncertainties you have. Because elder law is a touchy field of law, it is necessary that the attorney you hire is patient and understanding to each person’s feelings and beliefs. It is hard to accept that someone we love isn’t able to care for themselves any longer, but it is also equally important that they secure the type of care they would have wanted. So, if you are looking to take on your role as power of attorney or you want to obtain guardianship, we can place you in contact with a licensed elder care law firm right here in Ohio who can help.