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Have you taken a moment to consider what your long term-care preferences are? Have you already assigned someone in your family with the role of power of attorney? Perhaps you need a more in-depth explanation as to why it is important you assign someone with this role?

Long-term care planning encompasses a number of different areas and it is important you understand what each one is. Let’s look more closely at power of attorney. Imagine you reach a point in your life where you are unable to make financial decisions and can no longer manage your estate. You worked extremely hard your entire life to save up enough to ensure you have all the funding necessary to obtain the care you desire when you can no longer care for yourself. The trouble is, if you are spending money irresponsibly or on health care that simply isn’t beneficial to you, you risk not having enough when you may really need it.

Placing someone you love and trust in charge of your finances who is also permitted to make health-care related decisions helps to ensure your wishes are upheld. You also need to be leery of who you appoint with this role as our own family members may not have our best interest in mind. To better understand this role and how to go about assigning someone with it, we recommend you hire a local Rhode Island elder care lawyer immediately.


Rhode Island Long-Term Care Lawyers Can provide You with Valuable Information

Elder law attorneys differ from the average lawyers you may be familiar with. These lawyers who specialize in elder law are available to guide, inform, and educate senior citizens on topics such as long-term care planning, ways to protect your assets, how you can avoid elderly abuse, etc. Some of the other areas an elder care attorney in Rhode Island can assist you with include:


So, if you aren’t clear as to whether you can afford long-term care insurance or if it is something you need, you are going to want to sit down with a nearby long-term care lawyer who provide you with up-to-date information pertaining to this and share with you all the options you have when it comes to long-term care planning.


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Because we never know what tomorrow may bring, it is important that you speak with a reputable attorney specializing in elder care law as soon as possible to ensure you have a legal and legitimate plan for when the unexpected may arise. While some elderly individuals only require the assistance of a lawyer for a short period of time, others take on these attorneys to assure their long-term care plan has everything it needs. Call us up today and see how we can help you.