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What would you do right now if you were to get really sick and could no longer manage your finances? Do you have a trustworthy family member who you know is capable of helping you but doesn’t have the legal authority to do so? Most senior citizens assign someone with the role of power of attorney, and this can be for finances and health care if you wish. Choosing a power of attorney is a delicate process as much consideration needs to be placed into who you want managing your money.

One of the main reasons why elderly individuals hire an elder care lawyer is because they can assist with this process and many others. South Dakota elder care attorneys can highlight the pros and cons of having a power of attorney, the rights and responsibilities this individual is going to have, and help you choose someone who possesses the necessary qualities to take on this role. The last thing you need is to have a family member who doesn’t quite have your best interest in mind managing your funds and spending it on unnecessary things that don’t pertain to your health care and how you are receiving treatment.


What Other Areas Are Long-Term Care Lawyers Qualified to Assist with?

While assigning power of attorneys is rather important, understanding what other matters elder law lawyers help with is also important too. Some of these areas include:

No matter how complex or simple your matter may be, it is advisable that you speak with a skilled South Dakota long-term care lawyer in your city who can assure that you have everything in place in the event you become incapacitated and aren’t able to make informed decisions any longer.


How Can I Find a Local Elder Care Law Firm in South Dakota?

If you are ready to begin receiving the legal aid necessary to get your long-term care plan finalized, call us today and we will be more than happy to assist with getting you connected to a nearby attorney today.