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There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding Medicare benefits and while many senior citizens are left under the impression that they may not qualify, there are many ways they can. While Medicare is only one aspect associated with long-term care planning, it is a crucial one for many to look into as this form of funding is used by many elderly individuals today.

Have you considered how you would pay for long-term care in the event you reached a point in your life where you required medical assistance? Do you have assets set aside to afford the high costs associated with being placed in an assisted-living facility? One of the main topics Tennessee elder law attorneys cover is planning for incapacity. Of course this isn’t something you want to consider, but it can happen and in the event it does, it is important that you have some sort of plan put into place to ensure you are well taken care of and your assets are protected.


What Other Areas Can an Elder Care Attorney Help Me with?

The field of elder law caters particularity to senior citizens. While estate planning lawyers focus primarily on what happens to an individual’s assets when they die, an elder care lawyers focus is primarily on what happens while a person is still alive.

For instance, let’s say you are divorced and care for yourself as of right now. In the event you become disabled and require daily assistance, you aren’t sure your children are able to devote the necessary time to take care of you, therefore, you choose to be placed in an assisted-living facility. If these are the wishes you desire, then they should be carried out in such a manner. But, without a plan in place, this may not occur according to your terms in the event you are unable to voice these desires. This is another area where a Tennessee long-term care attorney can be of some assistance as well.

Many individuals also seek legal aid from an elder car law firm if they need help with one or more of the following:


If you have any questions or uncertainties regarding any of these areas, it is time you consider speaking with a licensed and experienced elder care lawyer in your city.


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Time is of the essence and we don’t have much to waste searching through the endless options the internet provides us with when it comes to searching for an elder law lawyer. Therefore, wants to help you find the best Tennessee elder law attorney in your city who is capable of helping with your matter and answering any questions you may have. Long-term care planning may seem a bit daunting at first, but you can rest easy knowing you have an elder care lawyer helping you along the way.