Statistics reveal that 1 in 10 elders above the age of 60 have suffered from some form of abuse. When elders get into the golden years of their lives they generally tend to settle down in nursing homes or similar communities where other individuals can help them with their needs in an appropriate manner.

Unfortunately, it is these very places which foster the grounds for neglect and abuse. Elders often do not know where to turn to when they are being mistreated so severely and they generally end up keeping their problems to themselves. However, this is no way that an elder should be treated.

Individuals who have served their time in the community and who have contributed to society as much as they can, deserve to have an enjoyable life when they reach their golden years. Getting in touch with an elder law lawyer is a great option for elders who are being abused in their nursing home. Lawyers are equipped with the information and the tools to take legal action against staff, other seniors, or the nursing home administration for abusing someone who was supposed to be under their care.

Anyone who has suffered from the following scenarios should get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible to start the litigation process.

  • Neglect from a nurse
  • Harassment from a fellow senior
  • Unsanitary living conditions
  • Emotional abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Sexual abuse

What can a lawyer do to help me if I am being abused?

An elder law lawyer will first come and meet with the victim of the abuse. If the individual is not mentally or physically fit enough to meet up with the lawyer then representatives such as family members can come and meet with the lawyer in their place. It is important to note that the elder will always be the main decision-maker in the case and no one else’s opinions will be put above their own.

After getting details of the case, the lawyer will look into the paperwork for filing a lawsuit against the offending parties if they deem it necessary.

There are a few legal necessities which the lawyer will examine:

  • The contract binding the nursing home to the victim
  • The cause of the abuse
  • The ability of the nursing home admin to stop or prevent the abuse
  • The amount of harm suffered by the victim

If it is found that the nursing home was responsible for the abuse suffered by the victim and that the nursing home did not take any measure to prevent the harm from occurring then they will most likely be held liable in court. No one should ever have to face any form of abuse silently. As unfortunate as it is, abuse towards seniors is very common and anyone who has been in such a situation needs to step up and get in touch with the right authorities so that they can not only stop the abuse but also so they can be compensated for their suffering as well.