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Has your loved one become disabled or incapacitated and you feel they need assistance with making financial decisions? Are the decisions they are currently making hurting their estate and the savings they had put away? Health care and other expenses that often arise when a person becomes a senior citizen can drain a life savings and leave an individual without a way to afford the medical treatment they require.

If you are looking to be assigned with the role of a legal guardian or power of attorney, it is time to consult with a local elder law attorney in Virginia. The elder care attorneys featured on our site are skilled in a number of different areas and rather than focusing on drawing up legal paperwork, they place their focus more on guiding the elderly in making the right decisions when it comes to long-term care planning.

With the years’ worth of experience our attorneys offer, they are sure to provide the necessary information that will allow you or your elderly relative to make an informed decision that isn’t going to compromise their estate or their savings. You can learn about some of the best elder law lawyers located right here in the state of Virginia and gain some insight into just how much experience they have. All of this can be found right here on with a simple search.


What are Some Other Matters an Elder Care Attorney Can Assist Me with?

If you are a senior citizen and looking to create a plan for when the unexpected strikes, it is always advisable that you turn to an elder law lawyer who understands the ins and outs of the field and can properly advise you. Our featured long-term care attorneys are able to aid you in any of the following areas:


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