What Comes Under Nursing Home Abuse in Las Vegas?

As people grow older they begin to become more and more dependent against their own will. Elders are often very dependent and they generally require a lot of care and attention in order to enjoy a quality life. When elders or their family members choose a nursing home for them to reside in then they obviously expect proper care and attention and they expect their needs to be fulfilled.

However, the sad truth is that many elders suffer from abuse in their nursing home either because of the nurses that work over there, the administration of the home in question, or because of the other residents that live with them.

What qualifies as abuse in a nursing home?

There are many examples of what an elder can be put through because of the abuse which they face from those who are supposed to be taking care of them. Some examples of nursing home abuse include:

Neglect and physical abuse are generally the two most often made claims made against nursing homes. Some signs that an elder has experienced neglect or physical abuse include:

  • Being given the wrong medication
  • Suffering from bedsores (because they were not turned over at night)
  • Weight loss due to malnourishment
  • Any injuries on the body
  • Facing depression and fear

If a nursing home resident has experienced any of the above then they need to get in touch with an elder law attorney in Las Vegas as soon as possible. An elder law attorney can help a victim and their families make claims against the nursing home and get a person the compensation they deserve for how much pain they were put through.

In most cases, elder home abuse claims are not just for compensation. The main purpose that litigating against a nursing home serves is that it creates awareness and it reduces the chances of abuse occurring again in the home. Filing a legal complaint against the nurse is also necessary because it ensures that those nurses who are not honoring their jobs and who are harming their patients will lose their position and are no longer a threat to the victim and other patients as well.

In many cases, the neglect suffered by elders is not due to the nurses themselves, but it is more because of the lack of staffing that the nursing facility has. In these cases, the nurses themselves will most likely not be held liable but the nursing home itself will be questioned and put to fault.

A professional lawyer can look through the policies which bind a nursing home to the person who has faced abuse and use those policies to demand compensation in court. When a person reaches their golden years they should be enjoying their days in peace and they should not have to suffer pain and abuse, especially by those individuals who they are paying to look after them. Getting in touch with a lawyer can help stop the abuse from continuing.